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The thing which is originated from human to create mentality or its innate accompanied by taste, love and Gnosticism and is emerged at material world is called art. Most than several thousand years background of art among Iranian people is among obvious things of interested people and history of art especially ornamental arts that is greatly advancing than other type of arts. The art of producing jewelry is the most prominent art by having more than 180 years background. The thing that you observe now is result of endless attempts of Mr. Hossein Akbari and Amir Hossein Rezaei by using new methods and exact planning within Handicrafts Productive Co.
Honorably some our most important activities are including:
1) Offering traditional and modern plans for producing and advising different type of jewelry for any taste (necklace, ring made of jewelry, gold and silver)
2) Producing different type of your desired plans (jewelry set, necklace, pendant, and ring) made of gold and silver
3) Preparing and distributing different type of gemstone and semi-gemstone
4) Inlay with jewelry
5) Engraving gemstone, semi gemstone and writing any name on it
6) Offering different type of prepared leg produced by Jahan Angoshtar Handicrafts Productive Co.
7) Immediate delivery of specific orders (your desired products) at minimum possible time
8) Issuing valid certificate with your desired order
Attention: All of your desired orders are produced by fedium alloy (fedium is made of silver and palladium for improving beauty, strength and whitening your order
All of your orders are delivered to all parts of Iran and world

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